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     FOREVER Nagkeshar

Mesua ferrea








Latin name


Mesua ferrea

Unani Name             : Naarmushk   
Habitat  : Eastern Himalayas,Assam,West Bengal, Western Ghats, Travancore,Andaman and Srilanka
Kula :

Nagakesar kula

Gana :

Eladi,Sugandhivarga,Priyangvadi,Anjanadi - Susruta

 Chaturjat- Bhavaprakash



Guttiferae, Clusiaceae

Ayurvedic Pharmacodynamic properties



Kashaya (astringent), Tikta (bitter)



Laghu (light), Ruksha (dry)



Ushna (hot)



Katu (pungent)



Kapha-pittashamak (alleviate K and P Dosha))

Useful parts


Punkeshar (stamen)

Medicinal uses


It has astringent, digestant, ant poisonous, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and anthelmintic activity. It is used in fever, itching, nausea, leprosy, skin disorders, erysipelas, bleeding piles, metrorrhagea, menorrhagea, excessive thirst, and sweating.



Churna (powder) 1-3 gm.

Important formulations


Brihachchhagaladya gritha, Drakshasava, Babbularista,Ardrakakhanda avaleha, Gandhaka rasayana, Guduchyadi taila, Brihachchhringarabhra rasa, Brahmi vati, Shatamoolyadi lauha, Lvanabhaskara churna, Chyavanaprasha, Supari paka, Pushyanuga churna, Ashwagandharista, Dashamoolarista, Pradaranashaka churna.


Uses as home remedy:

  1. In beeding piles, it should be used in the dose of 3 gm along with Mishri.
  2. Its oil should be use externally to cure skin disorders.
  3. Its paste or dusting of its powder is very effective to get relief from excessive sweating.


  Mesuol , Mesuaxanthofle B- and euxanthofle 4- a1kylcoumnu0l MammeiSin ,Mamiflegin & mesuol from seed oil (Phytochem. 1971,10,1131). mesuaferrofle glycoside- cyclohaxodione- mesuaferrol, sitosterol. Octadecatriefloic and hexadecanolic acids are present in seed oil .The heartwood of Mesua ferrea L. was found to contain 1,5-dihydroxyxanthone (II), euxanthone 7-methyl ether (IV) and β-sitosterol, in addition to the two xanthones.Mammeisin was reported from the seeds;while stamens afforded two novel biflavanones designated as mesuaferrone-A and mesuaferrol-B, mesuanic acid, α- and β- amyrine,β- sitosterol.Fatty acids from the seed oil was reported.Other constituents isolated are :mesuol, mesuaferrol, leucoanthocyanidin,mesuone, mammeigin, mesuagin,mesuaxanthone-A and-B,euxanthone,other xanthone derivatives, ferruol-A and -B, a new triterpene named guttiferol, ferrxanthone derivative and essential oil from various parts.


It is a tall tree reaching up to 100 feet tall, often buttressed at the base with a trunk up to 2 meters in diameter. It is common in wet zone at Sri Lanka up to 1500 meters. It has simple, narrow, oblong, dark green leaves 715 cm long, with a whitish underside; the emerging young leaves are red to yellowish pink and drooping. The flowers are 47.5 cm diameter, with four white petals and a center of numerous yellow stamens.Leaves lanceolate,coriaceous,generally covered with a waxy bloom underneath, red when young.Flowers large,white,fragrant,solitary or in clusters of 2-3.Fruits ovoid,2.5 -5.0 cm long with persistant calyx.seed 1-4,dark brown,cotyledons fleshy,oily.


The flowers are astringent,bitter,acrid, mildly heating, anodyne, sudorific, digestive,carminative, constipating, anthelminthic, diuretic,alexipharmic, expectorant,stomachic, haemostatic, aphrodisiac, febrifuge and cardiotonic.They are useful in asthma,cough, hiccough, leprosy, scabies, skin diseases, pruritus, pharyngodynia, vomitting, dysentry, haemorrids, ulcers, burning sensation of feet,depsia,impotency,leucorrhoea, haemoptysis,strangury,cephalalgia,fever and cardiac debility.The seed oil is used in skin diseases. .Pericarp of fruit is astringent and stomachic.

External :Seed oil is analgesic.Saffron is deodrant, antidiaphoretic and stimulant.Hence seed oil is used in inflammatory arthritis for massage and saffron is used in foul smelling, excessive perspirtion and wounds.Stem bark is used as astringent, in combination with ginger as sudorific.Nagakeshar is applied locally over penis in case of impotency due to its stimulant action.Nagkesar mixed with shatadhouta ghee is applied on burning palms and soles.Leaves are applied on head in severe cold.


Central nervous system-Being brain tonic it is useful in brain debility and hysteria.

Digestive system-It is appetizer, mainly digestive , antidipsetic, antiemetic, antihaemorrhoid,astringent and vermicide, hence it is used in anorexia, distaste,dipsia,emesis,worms,bleeding piles,dysentry.It acts as a haemostatic in bleeding piles.It should be given as a single drug.

Circulatory system-Being cardic tonic and haemostatic, it is used in cardic debility,rakta pitta and blood disorders.

Respiratory system-It is used in cough induced by kapha,dyspnoea and hiccougs as it alleviates kapha.

Reproductive system- It is used as an aphrodisiac and as a haemostatic in menorrhagia.

Urinary system- Diuretic,hence useful in retention of urine.

PARTS USED:Flower, oil,bark, leaf,bud,seed.


      Fine powder of nagakesara with butter is applied on soles to relieve burning senstation of feet.

      Nagakeshara mixed in Shatadhauta gritha works well in burning hands and feet.

      Paste of nagakeshara controls excessive sweating and is benificial as a deodorant.

      Chewing together Nagakeshara , cardamom and rock candy improves voice in sore throat.

      Paste of nagakeshara is applied over penis for better erection.

      Nagakeshara seed oil is used for massage in rhematic disorders to relieve pain and swelling.

      Stamen powder of nagakeshara 2gm,butter 1gm and rock candy 1gm is mixed well and consumed for relief from bleeding piles.

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